Amazon Goodies I Can Not Live With Out

I get asked all the time “Where did you buy that?” so here is my on going list of things I just can’t live with out, just click on the picture and it goes right to Amazon for you!

Dr Berg Trace Minerals

After seeing @ketoincourt swear by this, I had to grab a bottle to try to stop my hair from shedding. Losing hair is natural when you start to change your diet, but that doesnt make me hate it less! Ill update in 30 days about how this is working for me.

Neocell Collagen

My ride or die supplement, mixes with everything, cant taste it, and the best bang for you buck at 6600 mg collagen a serving!

New Phone Charger

Two for $10, cant go wrong.

Silicon Straws

I LOVE these!!!  Easy to clean and have been great.

My Cold Brew System

There is the jar that I use, and the filter, they are separate links 🙂


Bella Air Fryer



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