My Top 10 Favorite Low Carb Companies

  • Keto Mojo
    What does it do? It measures your ketones (and glucose if you decide to buy both of the strips) in your blood. For me, this means I can check to make sure I am producing a good amount of ketones when I am fasting during the day and I can also check my ketone levels after eating baked keto treats to make sure I dont over do it.

    • Where can you buy it? This link gets you 15% off when you check out, no code needed
    • Cost? The kit is $59.99, but with my link, you can get an extra 15% bringing the cost to $50.99 before tax/shipping. The strips are $1 each. Unfortunately, the coupon doesn’t apply to the strips, but they are the cheapest on the market right now, so that is fine with me.

  •  Alternasweets
    There are some other ketchup and BBQ sauce brands out there, and honestly I have only tried a handful, but the main thing I love about Alternasweet’s sauces is that they are sweetened with stevia instead of other alternative sweeteners. Some sweeteners on the market can cause your blood glucose to actually rise even if it doesn’t kick you out of ketosis. Their customer services is just as great as their ketchup also! If you don’t like one of their products, they will give you a full refund and you don’t have to send the bottle back. Shipping is always included in the price as well.

  • Newdles
    These “newdles” are actually shirataki noodles. They are made from the konjac plant and are pretty much pure fiber that you don’t break down into sugars in your stomach. Some (like me) like these, some do not. The different flavors come with these little sauce packets that I absolutely love. Pro tip for the best flavor:I rinse them a bunch of times, then put them in a really hot skillet with no oils to dry fry them. I then add a little of the sauce packet, a little of the soup packet, and a bit of water and cook them until they are hot and ready to eat. These noodles aren’t for everyone because they are a different texture than a real noodle, but this didnt bug me at all 🙂

  • OhMyKeto

    • If you haven’t heard of OhMyKeto, I would be shocked. Her real name is Nicole, and she has been making awesome keto recipes since before I was around (so like forever). She decided to do her own bakery delivery service and let me tell you, if you are not the baking type but feel the need for an amazing-tasting treat, OhMyKeto is the only one I would be willing to spend my hard earned dollar on. They come individually packaged so that you can eat one cookie or bar at a time and not waste the rest (I put them in the freezer so I can pull them out later), and all the ingredients are good ingredients that you know will not throw you out of ketosis or ruin your hard work.
    • Where can you find her? OhMyKeto Website She also has some awesome recipes on her site!
    • Price? Will vary
  • Ultima
    I really like Ultima for electrolytes and a nice sweet drink. Ultima has 8 essential electrolytes: Selenium, Zinc, Phosphorus, Calcium, Potassium, Chloride, Sodium, & Magnesium. When I feel like I want a diet soda, I make a glass of Ultima instead and I feel way better about my choice because it is sweetened with stevia. You can also mix the different flavors to make drinks like raspberry lemonade and grape punch.

    • Where can you buy it? Amazon, CVS, or some supplement stores
    • Cost? Prices will vary.
  •  Neocell Collagen
    There is a ton of different collagen supplements out there, but I am a girl on a budget and Neocell is one of the cheaper options I have found. I use the powdered version because one scoop is 6000 mg of collagen. In contrast to the pills, which are SIX pills for 6000 mg. Collagen benefits the skin, joints, nails and hair. It’s something that I should have started a lot time ago.

    • Where can you buy it? Amazon or Whole Foods
    • Cost? $11-17 depending where you find it
  • Nui
    Nui cookies (formerly Keto Kookies) are tasty cookies that come in many different flavors. They are made with really great ingredients including grass fed butter. I really do love Nui cookies, the only part that I worry about is how much of my daily macros and calories they cost me. Two cookies are 1g net carbs (2g net carbs for the peanut butter) with over 20g fat depending on the type of cookie you buy.

    • Where can you buy it? Nui Cookies
    • Cost? $29.95 for 10 packs (2 cookies a pack)
  •  Lily’s Chocolate
    I love Lily’s Chocolate. There are so many different bars to choose from (they differ in carb count, so watch out for a couple of the flavors) and they are sweetened with stevia. I can fit a half bar of Salted Dark Chocolate into my macros and it’s the perfect amount.

  •  Just The Cheese
    I love Just The Cheese. They have a few different varieties of cheesy delights you can purchase including a cheese bar, mini cheese rounds, and something called pop cheese that I just need in my life ASAP. Made with no starch, they are one of my favorite go-to’s for movie snacks.

    • Where can you buy it? Amazon, their site, or Netrition.
    • Cost? Prices can vary
  • Choczero
    I like all the Chozero products. The dipping cups are life changing if you love chocolate peanut butter cups. They have a huge line of chocolate, barks, dipping cups and now some awesome flavors of syrup.

    • Where can you buy it? Choczero or Amazon
    • Cost? Prices will Vary

PS: I would like to thank my friend TJ for helping me out with this. Always so patient with me and my ‘learning new computer skills’.


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