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Starting a low carb or ketogenic diet today can be confusing. With all the new, awesome keto products out there, it’s hard to wade through all the junk and pick the right tools and treats that will actually benefit your journey. Things were a lot simpler back in my day *cue wistful staring.* I know it’s easy to be drawn in by all the shiny, exciting sweet treats, pastas, blood ketone meters, teas, ready-to-eat meals, and every other keto-fied thing under the sun. I’ve spent a LOT of my own money over the last five years sifting through the good, the bad, and the ugly in the world of keto products. 

My Promise to You

Here are a couple things about the companies I prefer to work with:

-I am very picky and only work with brands and products I truly love, have spent my own income on, and are brands I can support because I know they are here for the good of the community, not just to put dollars in their pockets. 

-Most of the companies I work with have clean ingredients I can understand and which don’t make me physically feel bad. Ingredients, and food in general, in themselves are neither good nor bad – food is neutral. But if the food you eat makes you feel… just bleh, it may be time to look at your labels.

-My integrity and name are too important to sell; my opinions are my own.


Now that y’all know I’m not out here to sell my soul for some free cookies (but, like, worth it maybe? Cookies, guys), here are my top 7 things I have found and LOVED over my 5 year keto journey! I know there are so many options out there, but these are just a few of MY favorite things that helped me along the way, or continue to be part of my low carb life after all this time.

One last thing!


Use of any of my links and codes helps me earn income so I can be here to help others and do what I love.


My Favorite Keto Products


Keto Mojo

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Note: I wrote this RIGHT before they came out with their new meter, the GK+! It is more budget friendly, test both glucose and ketones, and has the ability to bluetooth that information to your phone! The new basic kit is under $45 and strips are only $0.80 each! This has been an awesome upgrade for Keto Mojo!

I have had a Keto Mojo for years! It is such a handy tool to keep track of your ketones and your glucose! You have to know BOTH to be able to get a good picture of how different things are affecting your GKI (Glucose Ketone Index, find more information why GKI is important here).

I hate to break it to ya, but if your meter is only checking ketones, you’re only getting half the picture. Don’t throw it out, though! Grab a cheap glucose meter from Walmart like this one if you already have something to check your ketones.

Regarding Ketone Urine Strips: They are a good tool for the first few weeks of keto – you can make sure you’re making ketones and maintaining good habits. After you have moved to being fat-adapted, though,  the color you are looking for on the strip might not show anymore. That doesn’t mean you aren’t in ketosis! It just means your body is now using the ketones for energy instead of excreting them through your urine! That’s great, and you are on the right path!! The next step would be to use a blood testing device if you want to keep checking in on your body and ketones (you definitely don’t have to, but it’s an interesting data point all the same).

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Redmond Real Salt

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Not all salt is created equal. Some is a lot more processed and stripped of the nutrients we actually need from salt. Some brands even add anti-caking agents like dextrose, which is sugar!

Real Salt’s products are unrefined and unprocessed, so it’s full of natural minerals and, therefore, flavor. When you order a package of Real Salt, they always include table salt so you can compare (actually, contrast) the taste. The difference is astounding!

These are the two Real Salt products I use almost every single day. The salt is great on, well, everything, but the season salt is the absolute BEST seasoning I have found for vegetables and meats. It has the perfect amount of seasoning and salt so you only need that one seasoning for your whole meal!

Butcher Box

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I want to start this with this: you don’t have to buy expensive meats to do keto well. You can buy whatever is on sale at your local store every week and make that work for you! I have always been on a budget and try to make my dollars stretch so I can buy other fun keto things.

That being said, in recent years, I have found myself wanting to try better quality meats. The more I clean up my diet and really care about what is in my food, the more I want to know my meat and fish are higher quality, too. This is where Butcher Box comes in!

There are a lot of reasons I really enjoy Butcher Box.

-They deliver high quality meat to my door, frozen, on time, and also packaged really well, even in this Texas Heat!

-You can move your box delivery dates around if you find you need more or less meat throughout your month.

-They have extra add-ons like hot dogs, burgers, and even lobster sometimes. We tried the bison and we are fans!!

-They have a couple box options. You can pick a box they cater to the types of meat you prefer (beef, chicken, or pork) or you can do the pick-your-own box. I like to see what options are available to me and make sure I get exactly what I want, so the latter is the best choice for our house. My dad signed up when he saw how awesome some of their deals were, and he prefers to pick his own meats too. I like the pick-your-own options because I know I always want a couple things like pork butt, ranch steaks, and their salmon (air fryer salmon is a frequent meal in our home). This way, I know I will get those in every box if that’s what I want. 

When I first got Butcher Box, my favorite thing was my order came with cuts of meat I hadn’t really tried to make before. I have always just made easy chicken, maybe a steak, maybe a pot roast, but I was too scared to pick up other cuts because I didn’t know how to choose the best ones… and, if I figured that out, how to cook them! Well, when Butcher Box sends you an amazing pork butt, you get to googling and find the best pork butt recipe out there (here is the recipe and method for my pulled pork). 

Another thing I like about Butcher Box is, since it’s already frozen, I don’t have to repackage everything to go in the freezer. The meats are super easy to take out to thaw in the morning before work, and, by the time I’m done for the day, the meat is defrosted and ready to sear, air fry, bake, or throw in an instant pot for a quick meal!


The Keto Cookie

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If you know me, you know they are one of my FAVORITE packaged cookies of all time! The Keto Cookie prides itself on having ALL clean ingredients – I am not a big fan of a lot of the fake fibers and additives some brands use. The Keto Cookie doesn’t use anything I wouldn’t have in my own kitchen and they have some of the best classic cookie flavors you miss! 

Not only are the ingredients spot on, the texture and flavor of all the cookies are perfectly crafted and you wont even realize they are low carb. I really love The Keto Cookie and have KETOSAMIAM you can use for 10% off all your orders!

Flavors from Left to Right

Classic SnickerdoodleSalted Caramel CheesecakeSugar? Cookie

 Traditional Chocolate Chip, Apes over ChocolatePeanut Butter Passion

Not shown: White Chocolate MacadaminutsLemonicious

They have all of the best cookie flavors from peanut butter passion to Sugar? Cookie which is just like those soft loft cookies from the grocery story. I know yall remember the ones! They also have a wonderful lemonicious and the salted caramel cheesecake is probably our houses #1 favorite. And dont worry about ordering too many, they stay good in the fridge for weeks and you can freeze them for up to 3 months! 

Delish Girls Granola

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This is one of my newer favorite brands, Delish Girls Granola. There have been a couple other brands out there, but nothing has compared to Delish Girls. Their flavors are…. Delish… and the sweetener doesn’t have that bitter or cold artificial taste. Not to mention, all the ingredients are great. This crunchy, sweet treat is the perfect snack – with their variety of flavors, you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll love. I like pairing this granola with a thick, low carb yogurt and some fresh berries! Or just, ya know, snacking on it like popcorn during a movie with Paul. 

Jojo’s Chocolate Bark

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There are so many chocolate companies out there right now, but I think JOJO’s is the BEST for snacking/dessert chocolate. The chocolate isn’t waxy and full of fibers like that one brand out there, and it also doesn’t make my blood glucose spike after eating it like a lot of other brands do.

JOJO’s bars are all made with great ingredients; they’re topped with things like coconut, pistachios, and even some dried raspberries. They all range from 3g net carbs to 7g net carbs for an entire bar. Check out their entire line here.



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Nush is a long time love of mine. Nush is a cake and cookie product that uses flax as it’s main ingredient and it gives the cakes the best muffin texture! Nush was one of the first companies to come out with a cake that was both really good and had great ingredients. I remember getting really excited every time they came out with a new flavor for their cakes because they were one of the only companies at the time that actually tried to make good, wholesome treats for the keto community. If you are someone who can’t eat certain keto items because of nut allergies, Nush might be the cake for you!! Check out their ingredients here.




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