Keto Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas


Well, it is that time of year! Homes are warm, outside is chilly, and all of us are looking forward to the holidays! Side note: I am writing this in 2020, not very many of us will travel or see family for the holidays, however, there are some easy and tasty recipes out there that are totally worth making, even for a family of 1 or two! I have searched high and low and found some easy basic recipes that will make anyone feel more keen to the holiday season.


Let’s Talk Turkey


First things first, let’s talk turkey. I am not a big turkey lover. It was always just another dry meat that I hoped enough of my grandma’s best gravy recipe would make it go down easier.

This year, I got this BEAUTIFUL turkey from Butcher Box and I really wanted to take a shot at making a really great, juicy bird.


Paul’s family uses the famous Alton Brown recipe every year so of course, we printed it out and gave it a shot! We did change out a few things though!

-Instead of brown sugar, we used Swereve Brown Sugar Substitute. it worked perfectly!

-I couldnt find all spice berries, I used 1/2 tbsp of all spice seasoning instead

-We DID use an apple. One apple will not make this turkey high in sugar and the flavor is fantastic!


It was FASTASTIC! You can find the step by step directions here!



I am not personally a huge stuffing fan and if you ask Alton Brown, it’s NOT to go into the turkey, so DONT DO IT! It will dry it out and no one wants a dry turkey with dry stuffing!


Here are the two stuffing recipes I tried! Both were fantastic in their own ways.


Keto Cornbread Stuffing with Herb Butter

This recipe was the winner of my stuffing recipe adventures. Lauren has some of the BEST recipes out there if you havent checked her out yet!
I did leave the sausage out. I think it would add a lot more flavor, but wasn’t 100% necessary if you’d rather do with out. This was easy to put together, directions are written very well, and really gave me all the stuffing flavors you would look for to put with your turkey!

Keto Sausage Stuffing Recipe

Id like to say, Carolyn Ketchum is an amazing recipe developer and there isnt anything I have made from her that I disliked. Everything always turns out exactly how you expect it to and her recipes are well created!

This stuffing felt more like a breakfast casserole to me. It was very flavorful and was so good with some scrambled eggs. Now, the reason I wanted to make sure you got the recipe is, the cheese bread recipe that goes along with this stuff is a PERFECT cornbread replacement if you like to have some bread options at the table. This bread was so good, not too cheesy, and really flavorful with the flax seed meal. Seriously, this is a must bake bread!



Other Side Dishes

Turnips Au Gratin

There is something about holidays that make everyone miss potatoes and this recipe really fits the bill for that potato craving! This recipe is only 6 ingredients and requires almost no prep! You will question why you haven’t tried turnips before now!



Keto Caulimash

This low carb, guilt free side (or main, I won’t judge!) is the perfect complement to any meal. I’ve been making this smooth, creamy,  satisfying dish for years to go with pretty much everything – from pork chops to chicken to Mississippi Pot Roast and I know it would be perfect with your turkey or ham!




Dessert is the most important course to some of us (read: ME!) and there are so many wonderful options out there. I wanted to stick to a couple pumpkin recipes that will make you want pumpkin treats all year round.


Keto Sugar Pumpkin Cookies

I am not the biggest fan of pumpkin pie. It’s difficult to make and frankly, I don’t like the texture. However, this year, I have had a real hankering for some pumpkin flavored treats and these cookies were PERFECT.


Easy Keto Pumpkin Pie

I will be really honest, I completely over baked this pie and it was a tad of a mess. The crust and the flavor was fantastic and I would absolutely make this pie again! It was very basic and easy to create, just dont over bake it like I did!!


I did want to add that the crust that goes with the recipe above from the same website is the BEST keto crust I have found that is easy to make and comes out well every single time. Dont forget to over the edges of your pie crust for it’s second bake or it will burn!




I really hope you found some of these recipes helpful to plan your holiday meals this year! Happy Thanksgiving friends, I am so thankful to be here with you all and getting to share things I love. Thank you.




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